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Psychic Readings

The incredible power Raine offers.
An Infinite number of spiritual possibilities.

Now available, at Spiritual Seer.com! Have you sometimes wanted to have some affirmation of your own intuitive guidance? Spiritual Seer.com offers you the opportunity to tap into some of the spiritual energy Raine  uses to share information with you.

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"Explore your spiritual potential online now."

Raine uses various senses for information i.e. touch, smell, seeing, hearing, taste, feel. Spiritual Seer.com  allows you to experience Raine's clairvoyance for spiritual guidance


"And Rainedrops fall down My Cheeks."

Spiritual Medium, Raine shares stories of hope and love.

This fascinating and far reaching book will open new pathways for everyone seeking meaning in their lives.

"Allow Raine to create the perfect wedding day, adding versatility and flexibility."

A precious wedding is a sacred chalice for your love, an elegant frame for the portrait of you and your beloved as you are united by high hopes, profound emotions, and a desire to honor your relationship by expressing it as a commitment made in the presence of those precious to you.

Book Signings

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Book Signing Events
Raine shares photos of book signing events

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Spiritual Seer.com Reviews

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Reader's Reviews
Written from their heart, these reviews will touch your heart.

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Client Stories

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Client Stories
View feedback on readings, you will be impressed at Raine's accuracy

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Precious Weddings

Precious Ceremonies
A reflection of your uniqueness, memories you will hold forever.

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Courtesy of Ila France Porcher

(Ethereal, Water Angel courtesy of Ila France Porcher - Many thanks to Ila - check out Ila's book on our LINKS tab!)



Spiritual Readings with Raine

Clairvoyant/Medium/Visionary Seer

communicates with angels

Spiritual Seer.com brings you the opportunity for a spiritual reading by Raine on CD - delivered to your door!

Have you sometimes wanted to have affirmation of your own intuitive guidance? Would you like to be able to ask questions and see if Spirit will address those for you?

Would you like to have some spiritual guidance to reinforce decisions you may have to address?

Have you wanted to have a reading but felt shy about going for a reading?

Raine, a visionary seer uses her spiritual energy to share information with you. Raine uses various senses for information i.e. touch, smell, seeing, hearing, taste, feel. Always talking to her angels and guides, Raine offers a unique opportunity for you to experience her readings. Simply amazing!

Spiritual Seer.com allows you to experience Raines clairvoyance for spiritual guidance. There are no guarantees that Spirit will specifically address your queries but you will know that Spirit has directed the information that has been made available specifically for you!

How does Raine do her readings? Once you have emailed Raine, she will sit quietly, tune in with her angels and bring to you, via a recorder, that information that Spirit would have you receive at this time. Raine then records your spiritual reading onto a CD and it is mailed to your preferred mailing address.

If you lack confidence to tune into your own psychic energies, contact Raine for guidance now at Spiritual Seer.com

(Read about Raine's travels and adventures: www.cruisingwithraine.com)

Apply Online

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Apply for your Spiritual Reading today at


To apply, simply send Raine an email with your full details (e.g. First/Last Name, Address, Country).

Email Raine at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You may wish to write a few comments/questions (optional) as you request your reading. It is important to remember that Spirit often gives us what we need to hear as opposed to what we want to hear. Take note of the importance of this very big difference!

Make your payment of US$80 via PayPal (see below)

Raine will record a 20 minute CD and forward it to your preferred mailing address.


About Raine

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Raine has a sincere personality, and when you speak to her - you know you have her undivided attention. Her writing will touch your heart in places you never dreamed of. Her readings can be very emotional as Spirit imparts information that is important for you. When you listen to your spiritual reading on CD you will know Raine has been in communion with angels! Raine is a visionary seer with incredible insight. Raine's precious ceremonies will move you and you will never forget those precious moments.

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